Clean Oven Domestics Ltd is a family business providing environmentally friendly oven cleaning services across several counties, with a fixed rate for our oven cleaning services, we work for home owners, landlords, tenants and letting agencies.

How our oven cleaning services work

Clean Ovens Domestic Ltd clean ovens, barbecues, hobs and AGAs in two ways. Our cleaning services are split so one of us works inside cleaning the oven and the other works outside in the van with a tank using non caustic cleaning materials on the oven parts. These cleaning materials are used to removed dirt and grease from racks, hob pieces, trays and grill pans.

After the cleaning is done

After we have cleaned your oven, rayburn, cooker, microwave or hob you can use it straight away and the materials we use to clean it are safe for animals and children to be around.

What we can clean:

Ovens, Cookers, Microwaves, AGAs, Hobs, Extractors, Rayburns, Barbecues

Contact Clean Ovens Domestic Ltd for more information about our oven cleaning services on 0800 707 6629.